SEO Optimization Tips

Many times people want to know how to get widen the influence of their website.
First you need to understand how a search engines work. A search engine attempts to operate just like a user on the Internet. Once the search engine finds a link "click's" on it or follows the link to see where it goes and then follows any links that it finds on that page and just keeps going. As it goes from page to page it keeps track of the keywords on each page.

Initially search engines were relatively simple but once people realized

the value of them they started to load their pages with keywords to get better results. At this point search engines had to start to take into consideration other factors such as which pages were popular, what are the words that a user likes to click on. What other websites link to this a given website, domain name, etc....

As you can see it very quickly got complicated. Below are several websites that give some great suggestions on how to get better search engine results.

Here are several websites that do a great job explaining different things that you can do to improve your website. This process is also known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.

Probably the hardest but I believe most effective tip to implement is improving your content. Make sure you have valuable information in your site.

Another tip that may get overlooked is interactivity. I have a simple website with very little content that for several years did not get much traffic but this past year the traffic as increased substantially because someone thought it was useful and shared it with others, this appears to have usually happened via email.