Web Based Agile Software Review Part 1

I started working on a larger computer project at work the other day and decided it was time to become more organized. I did a quick search of web based Agile toolse and it came down to JIRA/Greenhoper or Agilefant. I had previously looked at Agilefant a while back but didn't have any success getting it installed. This time though with version 3.0 it worked like a charm. I was also able to get a trial vesion of JIRA/Greenhopper up and running. At worke we have JIRA/Greenhopper up and running but is is managed by another department which could present problems when trying to use it for smaller projects. So here's my breakdown of initial observations of the pros and cons of each within my work environment.

+Commenting system
+Issue tracking
-Large learning curve
+Integrated file attachements.
+Easy to use
+Multiple projects
+Multiple teams
-User permissions

My plan at this point is to use JIRA/Greenhopper for larger projects that have multiple users involved in the development process and Agilefant for smaller projects.

I would like to publicly thank the Agilefant team for the work that they have done it making this software available. I know that it has helped tremendously on some personal projects that I have been developing.

For personal use I'm leaning towards Agilefant because of its simplicity.