Wacom Bluetooth Tablet

I purchased a Wacom Bluetooth tablet the other day and just got all of the pieces to make it work correctly today. Being that I don't have Bluetooth on my computer I had to purchase an adapter the D-Link one seemed like a good deal from newegg.com. I haven't tested out the range of it yet but I hope to use it in class tomorrow while we review for the Algebra I semester final. The tablet has a 6x8 drawing area which seems to be sufficient and I really like the EverNote Plus software that comes with it, there is even a free version available. The AlphaTek screen markup software works really nice when annotating electronic assignments for my Digital Publishing class. The tablet is also light weight so it should be pretty easy to carry around. I'm sure I will be posting more about this handy little device later. CalComp and Promethia couldn't beat the price of ebay.