Random Student Selector

Random Student Selector I my Algebra I class the other day I was using the Quizdom pick option to select my students to answer questions, during the class period 2 of my 11 students were selected 3 times while 2 others were not selected at all. Out of about 10 questions this wasn't very even percentages. One of the students Nathan J., who is also one of my computer programming students, and I were discussion this. We came up with a way to decrease the likelihood that someone would be selected once they have been selected. We chose this because if you eliminate the student until all have been selected the student will then mentally check out. With our solution the student can still be selected but the likelihood of them being selected twice in a row is reduced. Given enough time the Quizdom solution would be fine but if you are only asking 10 questions it is important that the student selection should be random and balanced. You can check out our free implementation of the student selector at http://www.aschool.us/moodle-scripts/ With this online implementation you simply enter a list of names, one per line. Go to the next page and start selecting students. Simply refreshing the page will select a new students name. The names are written in a large font so that it can be used in class. An option that I have thought of adding would be to create a random list of the names so that it could printed to be used away from the computer and would still have the randomness for the students. If you are interested in this option please leave a comment. Since I have access to the Internet in my classroom I don't see this as a necessary feature for myself but if someone else would use it I could easily add it.