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Flexible ColdFusion & PHP SQL Table Filter

Here is a slick little function that I wrote the other day at work to create a filter on a table.

Pseudo code:

Requirements: The argument names must match the table column names.

Results: Returns a query of the filter table data.

Determine which arguments were passed into the function and add those into the query where statement.

How Earthquakes Work

Big Idea 3: Earth’s Systems Interact

Cause of Earthquakes

Server Upgrade

After exploring several different options for servers at Rackspace Cloud and the requirements of Moodle 2.0 Woehler.us should be be up and running smoothly without any more interruptions. The new server is setup so that it can easily be load balanced should the need arise. The ram and hard drive space have also been upgraded to allow the system to run more smoothly. Thankfully I've been able to do this because the income from advertising has increased. It appears that Google analytics stats took a hit during the double migration between new servers.

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