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C.a.R - Compass and Rule

I've been working on the Student Line Grapher a lot lately and was doing some research to make sure that no one else had already created the same thing and I found this interesting program C.a.R - Compass and Rule. I believe that the audience is slightly different and the learning curve for C.a.R is harder than the Student Line Grapher but C.a.R also has a lot more features.

Auto Screen Recorder

While I was browsing the moodle.org website today I found an interesting program AutoScreenRecorder and there is even a free version available. I tried it out and it seemed to work pretty nicely. I appears to be similiar to Camtasia. I'll post some examples from it later.

Bear Grass Print

Cool Pumpkin Pi products

Here are some neat math teacher products that I've created at Zazzle.

Zazzle Products

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