Converting Between Metric Units

One of the great things about the metric system of measurement is that is based on the powers of 10 which means that all we have to do when converting between different units is to move the decimal point. The following diagram can be used to help convert between the common metric units.

Visual to help with unit conversions

Moving up a step moves the decimal one place to the left where as moving down a step moves the decimal one place to the right.

Interactive Analog Clock

Sometimes you need a manipulative for each of your students in the classroom so that they can explore a particular concept. This past year my students were always wanting to get the analog clock to help them work through their story problems that dealt with time. So I created this online manipulative to help them work through the problems and be able to check their answers. It allows the student to jump to a specific time or increment the time forward or backward by hours, minutes, or seconds.

Sieve of Eratosthenes, Prime Identification, and Moodle

Teaching students about the Sieve of Eratosthenes can help them understand how prime numbers work. Many students may watch a teacher of video clip about how to create a sieve but are unable to do it on their own. I've created several Moodle cloze questions that can help students try it out on their own and get immediate feedback. The image at the right shows what the sieve question looks like.

Online Educational Resources

Here is a list of several websites that I have found useful in the classroom.
Math Facts:


Social Studies:
U.S. State Identification Activity
Flash based activity where students match the name of one of the United States with it's location on a map.
U.S. State Location Activity
Drag and drop a state to it's correct location within the U.S. This website also contains many other activities.

C.a.R - Compass and Rule

I've been working on the Student Line Grapher a lot lately and was doing some research to make sure that no one else had already created the same thing and I found this interesting program C.a.R - Compass and Rule. I believe that the audience is slightly different and the learning curve for C.a.R is harder than the Student Line Grapher but C.a.R also has a lot more features.

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