Online Educational Resources

Here is a list of several websites that I have found useful in the classroom.
Math Facts:


Social Studies:
U.S. State Identification Activity
Flash based activity where students match the name of one of the United States with it's location on a map.
U.S. State Location Activity
Drag and drop a state to it's correct location within the U.S. This website also contains many other activities.

Spelling Practice Features Request.

I'm looking at making a game that helps teachers teach students how to spell better. Please add comments below of features that you would like to see in a spelling program. Also let me know if you would like to be a beta tester. I'm hoping to get the first version done by the end of this summer, August 2011. Currently I have almost 500 commonly used words recorded for this program. I'm planning on adding the following categories: countries, languages of the world, states, capitals, and books of the Bible.

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