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Iditarod Game

Here is an interesting game that my wife found while researching for a bulleting board on the Iditarod race. Mush! The Iditarod Game

Quizdom Suggestions

Have you ever used the quizdom audience response system. They are great. Here are a couple of things that they could do to improve they system.

  • Add a + symbol so that you can enter equations for the fill in/completion question types.
  • Increase the size of the fill in option beyond 10 characters.
  • Add the advertized feature of displaying the graph on the teacher's remote.
  • Add the a feature where the student's name will show up on the teacher's remote when they have a question.
  • Improve the slide editor.

Wink: a useful utility.

Wink is a great little utility to make demonstrations about computer programs but it has other uses also. I used wink the other day to record the server load of our new terminal server. I set wink to capture 1 screen per minute and the refresh rate on the server load graph so that it would not refresh the whole graph in less than a minute. This way I could get a visualization of what the server load was like. Another great thing about wink is that it is free for personal or business use and works on both Linux and Windows.

How to get rid of Microsoft Word HTML formating

To strip out all the excess formatting you get when pasting text written in Microsoft Word into Frontpage just copy the text first into word pad then copy it in to front page. This will preserve things like bold italic and other basic formatting styles while getting rid of all the excess code that is generated when you past directly from Word.

Adventures with a bad laptop harddrive.

My brother gave me a call the other day wondering what is options are since his computer was taking 2-3 hours to boot and having thousands of dialogue messages pop up. After discussing things we came to the conclusion that his harddrive was bad. He got a replacement from dell but still wanted to save his data since he was able to read it from the bad hd. He purchase usb hd. Downloaded knoppix and I walked him through the following process. We booted knoppix to make sure that we could see the old hd and the new USB hd, we could. So we proceeded to copy all of the information over.

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