Writing Product Reviews

Teaching students to write product reviews helps them learn to look objectively at the products they purchase, weigh the opinions of what others have to say about the product, and to write descriptively. This lesson includes two PDF files that can be used to present this unit to the class. One file is in a presentation format and gives and overview of 9 steps that can be used to present the topic to the class and the other PDF is a worksheet used to help the student fill in the sections needed to write a quality product review.

Presentation: 9 Steps to writing a Product Review.PDF.
Worksheet: Product Review Worksheet PDF.

The original editable files are available at TpT: Teach Students to Write a Product Review

Portfolio Requirements

During this writing unit you will need to write at least 4 product reviews.


  • Post at least 4 rough drafts
  • Review at least two different types of products. 
    The further apart the more points received. For example reveiwing an XBox and a particular type of shampoo would receive more points than reviewing an XBox and a laptop computer.
  • See Standard Writing Requirements
  • Minimum length: 400 words
  • Post at least 2 drafts that have been peer edited
  • Include at least one picture of the product in your peer reviewed article. Make sure to cite your source.
  • Publish at least 1 final draft to your ePortfolio.
    • The portfolio should include a copy of your original draft, revised versions you printed/shared with others to review, and your final draft.
    • Each artifact (draft) in your portfolio will be clearly labeled as to which draft it is.
Grading Rubric:
  • 4 Product Review Worksheets (20 points)
  • 4 Rough drafts ( 40 points )
  • 2 different types of products (10 points)
  • 2 peer edited drafts (20 points)
  • Final draft
    • Editing conference with teacher (10 points)
    • Videos and/or Images (10 points)
    • Elements of a review - Overview, details, pros, cons, competition, conclusion (20 points)
    • Grammar and spelling (10 points)
    • Submit your final draft as a MS Word (.doc or .docx) or Open Office File (.odt) file. (5 points)
Example Review collection:
  1. Mac Book Pro (laptop computer)
  2. Dell Latitude (laptop computer)
  3. Vita-Mixer (home kitchen appliance)
  4. Cannondale F1000SL mountain bike
  5. iPod Touch 3rd Gen
Notice that the laptops and iPod Touch are similar in that they are all electronic devices whereas the Vita-Mixer are both diverse from each other and from the electronic devices.

Product review websites: