Flash Question Type

The flash question type is intended to be a question type to help teachers deal with more complicated questions when using Moodle. With this question type the teacher needs to have the site admin save the swf file in the question/type/flash/swf folder and then it will be available for all teachers that have access to the questions module.
Creating a Flash Module:

The only things that you need when creating a flash module file is the ability to can create a string from the users actions/answer and then send that string to the JavaScript function flash_response(message). You will need to keep in mind the order of the users actions.

You can follow the discussion about this question type here: http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=63471

Here are a list of Flash modules that I have created so far.

* Student Line Grapher
Record single linear equality and inequality graphs.