Mad Lib

A Mad Lib is a word game invented by Leonard Stern and Roger Price.
If you are not familiar with them see's description.

Task Objective:
Create an web based Mad Lib story.

Educational Objectives:

  • Develop communication skills.
  • Learn how to handle form variables.

System Requirements:

  • Web server with server side scripting language such as php, asp, etc...
  • Text editor
  • Web browser

There are several parts to this assignment. Please complete them in order. When you are finished you should have two files:

  • Madlib.html
  • Madlib.php

Assignment Process:
1. Create a 1 page story and post it to the Mad Lib Wiki.
2. Ready everyone else's story.
3. Use the Mad Lib Forum to agree upon what terms should be requested from the user and the form names for each of the terms. You need to be able to use 80% of the form values agreed upon in your discussion. That is 80% of the variables should be common to everyone's forms.
4. Create a form that will get all of these values from the user and send them to MadLib-username.php. Save this file as MadLib.html
5. Use your Wiki entry to help your create your madlib-username.php file and replace each of the decided words with the appropriate PHP code to insert the value entered by the user on the madlib-username.html file.
6. Test your file on the web server to make sure that it works correctly.
7. Zip your two files and upload them to this website.