Working with Frames

Each document in Scribus is made up of documents. First we will look at the similar properties of all frames and then we will look at some frame specific properties.

All frame have a location on a page referred to as X and Y value. This value is measured in the units defined by the document type. All frames also have a width and height.
Frames in a document can be layered in two different ways. First all frames belong to a specific layer, think of layers as clear transparencies with writing or drawings on them. Frames in a layer also have an order to determine which frame is in front of another. Both of these features can be used to help you organized your frames so that you can work efficiently.

For example if you have a background that you do not want to move around at all you can create a separate layer and place the background in that layer. Then you can disable changes to that layer. Now you will not be clicking the background frame accidentally.

Assignment 1:

  1. Create a text box frame.
  2. Create a rectangular frame.
  3. Create insert an image frame.