How to Insert a Text Frame

Video directions of how to insert an image

Text frames are the foundation of many Scribus documents. To insert a text frame click the Text Frame button then click and drag to create the size of text frame. The size can be readjusted later using the handles on the edge of the frame or from the properties dialog (F2).

Using the shape settings in the properties dialog you can adjust how the text interacts with other objects.

The shape settings control what happens when text from other text boxes interacts with the text frame.

Use the text editor dialog when editing text instead of making changes directly in the text frame.
Use styles to help you organize your texts appearance.

Assignment 1:

  • Create four partially overlapping text boxes.
  • Adjust the background color of each text frame to be a different colors for each text frame such as red, blue, yellow, and green.
  • Adjust the text frames so that they overlap like the example shown.
  • Fill with sample text by selecting Insert -> Sample Text.
  • Adjust the shape settings to make the image match the example.