Learning to fly an RC helicopter. Here is a great page by RADD's

Museum of Science and Industry

I was reading a "Gifted Today Child" magazine the other day and the article mentioned the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago as having an excellent website. I took a look at it and it definitely has an immense amount of information. I really enjoyed the section about their train layout The Great Train Story. Great job.

Effectivness of Powerpoint and teaching?

This summer I'm taking an Action Research class. I have decided to do my research on the effectiveness of Powerpoint in the classroom. I'm not limiting myself to Powerpoint because I am aware that there are other alternatives out there like open office. I plan on posting my results when I am finished. If you are interested in this topic please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.

Wacom Bluetooth Tablet

I purchased a Wacom Bluetooth tablet the other day and just got all of the pieces to make it work correctly today. Being that I don't have Bluetooth on my computer I had to purchase an adapter the D-Link one seemed like a good deal from I haven't tested out the range of it yet but I hope to use it in class tomorrow while we review for the Algebra I semester final.

Math Website

While looking through the Merlot database I stumbled upon the following website. Check it out. Utah State University National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, is a great website that can help teach students about math. Applicable for grades k-12 for available in both english and spanish.

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