Christmas Postcard

Students will create a Christmas postcard that they will send to a relative this Christmas season.

Application of skills learned.
Learn about printing.
Written communication skills.

Photo editing program: Photoshop, Gimp, etc...

Have students sketch five different ideas. It is important that they do this before they start looking on the for their specific pictures because it will help them stay focused when they are searching for support images.

Have students turn in the rough draft sketches.
Post the rough drafts to the internet so that their parents can view them or print them and send them home with the students. The parents will pick which postcard the student will take to the finish.

Have the student pick 2-3 classmates to critique their postcard.

Turn in a 1st draft for teacher review.

Turn in the final draft to be printed.

Work with the teacher to print the final draft.

Give the postcard to the student to write their letter on.

Mail the postcard.