Inspirational Poster

Give students a "job" like experience and let them show off there work.
Application of skills learned.

Photo editing program (Photoshop, Gimp, etc....)

Stock Exchange ( ): A free (mostly) stock quality photos.

Have students look through the given set of photos. I used the above site, my personal photos, and students photos.
Have student sketch (pencil and paper) three different ideas. This is a rough sketch to help the teacher and student understand what the student is trying to do. Download thumbnails of the images from or what ever image you are using.
Create a rough draft of each poster.
Have a review committee select the poster that they will take on to their final draft. (The teacher, the class, someone else.)
Have the students create a rough draft of the chosen poster with full quality pictures used.
Have students review each others work and provide 2 things that they like about each poster and one suggestion.
Have students submit a 1st draft to the teacher after they have made the revisions.
Review the poster with the students.
Students submit a final draft.
Several places will print poster sized prints if the image quality is large enough. Costco,,,,, etc...