Graphic Arts


Software Website:

Gimp is an open source raster (photograph) editing program. Gimp works on most operating systems and can accomplish most peoples photo editing needs. The lessons in this text are designed to help you become familiar with Gimp.


Software Website:

Inkscape is an open source vector drawing program that can create and edit SVG files. It can also export PNG image files. This text will help you become familiar with the tools that Inkscape provides and give you lessons that can be used in a classroom or own your own.

Rule of Thirds Cropping

The rule of thirds is a composition rule that helps you compose an image to make it more pleasing to the eye.


Use Gimp to crop an image using the rule of thirds.


Original Image

The original image was cropped so that the head of the fox is in the lower right third of the image.

Cropping a photo in Gimp

Lesson Objective:

  • Crop a picture


Uncropped example

The image above was cropped to create a the new image below with a more panoramic feel to it.


Color Scheme Designer

Color Scheme Designer is a slick little free website that can help you coordinate your colors for any design project. Some of the nice features of this little website are:

  • Export colors to: HTML+CSS, Photoshop, Gimp
  • Color blindness preview
  • Unique color scheme links so you can came back to your same settings.
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