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Inkscape is an open source vector drawing program that can create and edit SVG files. It can also export PNG image files. This text will help you become familiar with the tools that Inkscape provides and give you lessons that can be used in a classroom or own your own.

Drawing a Simple Heart

An easy tutorial demonstrating how to draw a simple heart using Inkscape.

Skills Demonstrated:

  • Oval shape tool
  • Shape to path
  • Edit nodes
  • Node types


  1. Draw an oval
  2. Change the oval to a path
  3. Edit the nodes to look like a heart.

Draw a Simple Figure/Avatar

Skills demonstrated:

  • Change shapes to paths
  • Edit path nodes
  • Export image
  • Change object fill colors

Overview of the steps involved:

  1. Start by drawing a rectangle for the body.
  2. Draw an oval for the head.
  3. Change the rectangle to a path.
  4. Adjust the rectangle path nodes to give the body a shape.
  5. Add circles for eyes and then duplicate them.
  6. Add a square for the hat and then change it to a triangle.
  7. Adjust the hat nodes as necessary.
  8. Export the picture to an image file.
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