How to get rid of Microsoft Word HTML formating

To strip out all the excess formatting you get when pasting text written in Microsoft Word into Frontpage just copy the text first into word pad then copy it in to front page. This will preserve things like bold italic and other basic formatting styles while getting rid of all the excess code that is generated when you past directly from Word.

Adventures with a bad laptop harddrive.

My brother gave me a call the other day wondering what is options are since his computer was taking 2-3 hours to boot and having thousands of dialogue messages pop up. After discussing things we came to the conclusion that his harddrive was bad. He got a replacement from dell but still wanted to save his data since he was able to read it from the bad hd. He purchase usb hd. Downloaded knoppix and I walked him through the following process. We booted knoppix to make sure that we could see the old hd and the new USB hd, we could. So we proceeded to copy all of the information over.

Where did baptism come from?

The question came up in Sabbath school class the other day as we were reading through the gospels about the origin of baptism. As far as I can tell baptism came from the Jewish "Mikvah". Here are a couple of links to some sites about Mikvah. on Mikvah on baptism

Mad Lib

A Mad Lib is a word game invented by Leonard Stern and Roger Price.
If you are not familiar with them see's description.

Task Objective:
Create an web based Mad Lib story.

Educational Objectives:

  • Develop communication skills.
  • Learn how to handle form variables.

System Requirements:

  • Web server with server side scripting language such as php, asp, etc...
  • Text editor
  • Web browser

Flash Based Random Student Selector

To use this flash application simply enter a list of your students names or items that you want to randomly select, one per line. Then click the next button to let the computer start picking names.

Once a name has been picked it may be picked again but is less likely. This will keep students on their toes and help them pay attention while at the same time give everyone in the class a chance to participate.

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