Moodle Question Generator

Here is a great web page that can be used to create math questions for Moodle. You simply give it your limitations for the numbers in the question and it will generate an XML file that can be imported into Moodle. It can generate addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, powers or exponents, or square root problems. You can provide further limitations to get answers that are only integers, or only positive numbers.

Graphing Resources

The following files are great for using in presentations, making your own worksheets, makeing graph paper that is assignment friendly, and whatever else you can think of. The graph contains 10 lines on either side of the origin. With the predefined scale you can graph coordinates between (-10,-10) and (10,10). Also on the labeled graph the labels are only on every other line to make it easier to read the numbers.

Integrating the Student Line Grapher

The student line grapher can be easily integrated into a variety of activities. All that is needed is a javascript function that connects the graph to a form element. When the Student Line Grapher is used in a web page it accepts the following variables via the FlashVars parameter.

  • qid=
    The name of the form element where the answer should be stored.
  • answer=
    The equation that should be on the graph when the flash module starts. See the special equation format below.

Student Line Grapher

The Student Line Grapher is very similiar to the Flash Line Grapher but was designed to asses students understanding of how to graph whereas the Flash Line Grapher was designed to teach students how to graph lines. This module can still be used to teach students how to graph lines but that was not the focus of the design.


Graphing a line

Make sure that shading is not selected. Click two points that are part of the line.
To draw a new line click two new points.

Multiplication Practice

Practice your multiplication by dragging the number on top to where it goes in the answer below the problem. When you think you have it correct. Click check.

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