How Earthquakes Work

Big Idea 3: Earth’s Systems Interact

Cause of Earthquakes

Writing Product Reviews

Teaching students to write product reviews helps them learn to look objectively at the products they purchase, weigh the opinions of what others have to say about the product, and to write descriptively. This lesson includes two PDF files that can be used to present this unit to the class. One file is in a presentation format and gives and overview of 9 steps that can be used to present the topic to the class and the other PDF is a worksheet used to help the student fill in the sections needed to write a quality product review.

Perpendicular & Parallel Line Presentation


  • Help students visualize perpendicular and parallel lines.
  • Demonstration of slope perpendicular and parallel lines.


This presentation is designed to assist the teacher not replace the teacher.
The first 7 slides help students understand the difference between parallel and perpendicular slopes.
The last 9 slides are review questions that show lines on a graph, slopes, and slope-intercept equations to determine if students understood the concept.

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