Web Based Agile Software Review Part 1

I started working on a larger computer project at work the other day and decided it was time to become more organized. I did a quick search of web based Agile toolse and it came down to JIRA/Greenhoper or Agilefant. I had previously looked at Agilefant a while back but didn't have any success getting it installed. This time though with version 3.0 it worked like a charm. I was also able to get a trial vesion of JIRA/Greenhopper up and running. At worke we have JIRA/Greenhopper up and running but is is managed by another department which could present problems when trying to use it for smaller projects. So here's my breakdown of initial observations of the pros and cons of each within my work environment.

Adobe Acrobat X will not start.

The other day I was using a full licensed version Adobe Acrobat X as part of the CS6 suite and it suddenly stopped working. The only solution that I found was to reinstall which was a pain. It happened again and I found another solution recently. The following solution is a lot easier to use but still a pain.

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Launch a regular CS6 product other than Acrobat or Flash Builder (for example: Photoshop, After Effects, Premier Pro, InDesign, Flash Professional, Illustrator, Dreamweaver.)
  3. Click on Help->Deactivate .

Flexible ColdFusion & PHP SQL Table Filter

Here is a slick little function that I wrote the other day at work to create a filter on a table.

Pseudo code:

Requirements: The argument names must match the table column names.

Results: Returns a query of the filter table data.

Determine which arguments were passed into the function and add those into the query where statement.

Converting Between Metric Units

One of the great things about the metric system of measurement is that is based on the powers of 10 which means that all we have to do when converting between different units is to move the decimal point. The following diagram can be used to help convert between the common metric units.

Visual to help with unit conversions

Moving up a step moves the decimal one place to the left where as moving down a step moves the decimal one place to the right.

Draw a Simple Figure/Avatar

Skills demonstrated:

  • Change shapes to paths
  • Edit path nodes
  • Export image
  • Change object fill colors

Overview of the steps involved:

  1. Start by drawing a rectangle for the body.
  2. Draw an oval for the head.
  3. Change the rectangle to a path.
  4. Adjust the rectangle path nodes to give the body a shape.
  5. Add circles for eyes and then duplicate them.
  6. Add a square for the hat and then change it to a triangle.
  7. Adjust the hat nodes as necessary.
  8. Export the picture to an image file.
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