Graphing Activity

Are you or your students struggling to understand how to graph lines given an equation. Give this worksheet a try it's free. The worksheet contains the following objectives:

  • Graph an equation for the given domain.
  • Graph a line using points calculated from an equation that is in slope-intercept form (or y-intercept form).
  • Graph a line for an equation in standard form by changing the equation to slope intercept form and then calculating points on the line.

The graphs are 8x8 and the equations are changeable in the Open Office format.

Factoring Polynomial Worksheets

Here are several worksheets that will help students practice factoring polynomials. Each worksheet has 11 problems. The worksheets are divided up into several common forms of polynomials x2 + bx + c, x2 - bx - c, x2 + bx - c, x2 - bx - c, difference of squares, and perfect squares.

These files may be freely distributed provided the original copyright is not changed. If you make changes to the Open Office document add your copyright information to the footer of the document.

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